Privacy Policy

This is an ever-changing document, and is subject to change at any time without warning.

Last updated: 02.02.2016

What data do you store?

On our website, we use Google Analytics to help us improve our load performance and optimise content better. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking in your browser with an extension if you prefer. That's about it - we don't track you personally or do much more than that.

Mojo Manager stores your Mojo Manager username and password in your temporary browser cookies. This is used to make the auto-sign-in feature work properly.

Signed up to be notified about Mojo's updates? Then we'll store your email address until it's ready to spread the news. We won't sign you up to any newsletter though. For updates, you can also check out our Twitter @mojoinstaller.

Mojo Installer stores quite a bit more content on your device. When you install Mojo Installer onto your iDevice, the entire application structure is stored in your Safari Website Data cache to allow access while offline. We also store your repository list and package history list offline in your local browser storage. This is to make Mojo Installer a more native experience.

More Questions?

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