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Download Mojo

The first step to unlocking your device's true potential is to download Mojo Installer. You can download Mojo from one of the "install" links at either the top or the bottom of the page.


Search Your App

Once Mojo has been installed on your device, you can now open it and navigate to the "Search" tab. This section of the app is very useful, in that it connects to multiple app databases while searching.


Install Your App

Simply click "GET" and your desired app will prompt you to install. It really is that easy. No complicated setups or configurations to learn or figure out. Just point, click, done.

Installed more than
2,650,000 times!

Mojo Installer has amazingly been installed almost 3 million times by our users!

Clean, Modern UI

A modern, no-clutter UI that provides you with everything you need without any extra added bulk or weight. Oh, and did we mention "no ads?"

Offline/Local Support

Mojo Installer is the only app of it's kind to run locally on the device without needing a WiFi connection. We still contend that no one else does this quite right.

Expanded Search

Search for your packages by name, author, or description; you can even search other application sites/databases for links.

Daily Editorials

Always stay up to date with what is signed and what isn't with our daily editorials. You can always find a new story in Mojo's new Today tab.